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For the past few years my New Years Resolutions have been focused more on acts than getting rid of bad habits (example. stop eating unhealthy shit, quit drinking.. workout more..) basically all the things people say their going to do but by March or April have already gone back to all their old habits. Last year I chose to do Random Acts of Kindness. Although I may have not gone as out of my way on this as I had intended I did have this thought in mind all year  and will continue this act through out 2013 and every year after that. 
This year my focus will be on not holding back, not letting anything stop me from whatever it is I want to do. Not letting myself say “No” when I know I can, not worrying about being the best. And remembering that its better to fail trying than to not try at all. 
Looking back on last year there were many times where I went into a situation expecting to fail. Even the simplest things I made hard for myself. Two things that stand out are #1 Jury Duty… was it really THAT hard? No… basically you get paid (very little) to sit in a room that’s 2 degrees and listen to a bunch of lawyers use big words and say the same thing over and over 5000 different ways. Seriously trips me out the amount of $$$ they are paid an hour to be there and not ONCE were any of them on time… Moral of the story.. I’m $188.08 richer than I would have been if they hadn’t picked me after 3 LONG days choosing their Jury. I hope I NEVER have to have my fate decided by a jury.. AND I’ve been on time more than some of the greatest lawyers in the Country! =) That’s pretty awesome.


The second thing. Working at 24 Hour Fitness. Yep most of you don’t even know I even worked there. But I did! One whole.. LONG month. I’ve been stuck with a bunch of credit card debt for almost two years and needed to pay it off but was barley breaking even with what I was making working part time at Pure Barre. Basically everything I made was just enough to cover food, gas, and ONE manicure a month. What like I’m not going to get my nails done? … yeah right… The rest went to my credit card bills leaving me nothing left for fun and shoes!! =( Anyways.. I was so scared of messing everything up while I was there. Learning a new POS system, opening, closing procedures.. sounds hard right? Really… I acted like someone had asked me to be the freakin president and was beating myself up cause I didn’t know how. But when it came down to it I’m at a point in my life right now where I just have to follow my heart and I don’t work for $8.00 an Hour!! That is crazy.. My time is worth so much more than that and more importantly my heart just wasnt there. But with that being said, I have nothing but good things to say about the Pasadena Halstead 24 Hour Fitness Team. They are great, friendly and welcoming. Which is hard to find when it comes to retail/service jobs. And although my time there was short and sweet… I paid off TWO credit cards and was able to start off 2013 credit card debt free. =) 


More to come… Happy 2013!!


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